Harvest The Power of

Social Media

Social Media has changed our lives, harnesting the power of it to market your business all over the world is incredibly effective. Leveraging Social Media Marketing in your business is a must in todays digital world.

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

It’s not easy but accidentally it’s not difficult to become a viral sensation with a bit of luck. Im sure we are all chasing that elite social media status. To be famous in George or Plett is not the same as being an Instagram Star. If we plan campaigns and work really hard at targeting our ideal audience we can a least start building a brand socially online. We have excluded Youtube from the list as well as SnapcChat even though they could be regarded as social media. We are speaking spefically to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and unusually Pinterest. There are other platforms which may suit you better but we at Knysna Web can help if they are applicable. Social Media has changed our lives for the better and worse, there is no hiding but there is also no escaping what we need to know, fake news aside. We believe that social media is a powerful tool to market your business and get your message across, whether its a special, an event or an important message. Your followers can instantly be notified and they can share if they feel its a must. Smile like the people in the pictures below.

The Word Can Be Spread In An Instant!

As scary as it may be, crowds can be amased immediatley. Using that power positively can grow a brand emmensly. Social Media Marketing is too powerful to ignore.

With so many Social Media options, Knysna Web will help you choose.

Facebook Marketing

With over one billion users Facebook is the largest platform. Majority of its users are over 35 and Facebooks Ads are well respected.

Instagram Influencing

500 Miilion people use Instagram stories everyday, there is no wonder it has made people multi millionaires. Influencers play a large role in this marketing platform.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a fast paced marketing outlet limited to 140 characters. News travels fast, Garden Route or New York, same tweet, same time.

Pinterest and LinkedIn

Not as large as the other platforms but neither Pinterest, a creative place or LinkedIn, a business place should be igmored. These should be included in your strategy.