Strategies TO Enhance Your


Let Knysna Web help you formulate a plan which we can either help you with or you can set forth and execute yourself. Both Online and Above the Line marketing. 

Marketing can turn a good business into a Great Business!

Many believe that the success of a business directly corresponds to the marketing of a business. In many instances traditional marketing has had to step aside as online marketing has emerged. Depending on your target audience both traditional above the line marketing strategies such as print and radio and online marketing strategies such as Google Ads and Social Media have there place. In certain situations one may be preferred over the other but in most case a combination of both must be used.

At Knysna Web we love coming up with online marketing strategies as well as assist with other advertising means. For small budgets and large we know many effective methods. From George to Plettenburg Bay the opportunities are incredible and world wide they are endless.

Marketing is all about creating relationships with customers.

Building a long lasting and trusting relationship with customers and portraying this to potential customers is the key to the success of any business.

Marketing is about attracting and satisfying customers.

Attraction is a law of nature, since in business we get to choose our appearance and portray a vision, we need to discover what interests people, what problems your business solves and find a way to engage potential customers. Existing customers should not be forgotten, they should be pampered as customer retention is a key aspect. 

Marketing Can Be Complicated. Not to worry, We Help You With Options.

Online Marketing

We can assist you with Google Ads setup, Facebook Ads Setup as well as help advertise on Youtube. We can also guide you with basic SEO and content marketing.

Video and Radio

Believe it or not people still advertise on the television and radio stations. Useful if your target audience dont leave the house often or browse the internet. Also effective at reaching an audience quickly.

Print Media

Print advertising is a traditional form of marketing and when a good campaign is delivered it can be very effective. Flyers, posters, flags and banners form part of this method.

Gorilla Markeing

Sounds like a war tactic but really is not. Often annoys people and can give you a bad name but sometimes does the trick. Cold calling, knocking on doors, unsolicited email campaigns are examples of this marketing tactic. We don’t like or recommend this unless in extreme situations.