Digital Advertising and

Online Marketing

Targeting the right customers and helping the potential visitor find what they are looking for can turn your business from zero to hero. An effective online marketing campaign will make all the difference. 

Online Marketing will Help Drive More Traffic To Your Business.

What is the point of having a shiny website if no one visits it. Online Marketing is crucial in this day  and age. Advertising on the internet can make or break a business. Luckily for you we love to use our skills and expertise to help you succeed online. There are many different avenues one can go to market online but there are also some fundamentals that cannot be avoided. If you want to take your business to the next level you need to embrace this form of advertising and take it seriously. We at Knysna Web know just the right thing to get you started and established as well as refine your existing campaigns. Becoming a shadow on the web is just not an option anymore, you need to stand out online and make sure all the potential visitors find your website and convert into customers. With our online marketing assitance we will help you target customers in Knysna, Plett, George, the Rest of South Africa or World Wide

How will Online Marketing Help Me?

What is Online Marketing?

Similar to traditional marketing but by using the power of the internet it is easier to reach more potential customers and target relevant audiences. Advertising online as well as using print and other forms can make for far reaching and affective campaigns.

Will I benefit from Advertising Online?

Everyday the internet gains more users and in our digital era you cannot afford not to market and advertise online. People are using the internet to help make purchasing decisions and find the products they want from the comfort of their couches. You need to make sure your business is easily found and accessible. 

What options are available?

There are various options that can be used, as described in the next section. Popluar online marketing platforms would be Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, Social Media Marketing and website banner ads.

Is Online Marketing Expensive?

How long is a piece of string, well as long as you cut it. Knysna Web belive that we can find a suitable an online marketing campaign to suit all budgets. Depending on your business and target market, it does not have to be expensive and throwing large sums of money on it may not even be beneficial. Give us a call and we can discuss how we can help you.

Various Options We Use To Help You Reach Your Target Audience

Google Ads

The largest search engine in the world with approximately 90% of all search traffic is probably the best place to start.

Content Management

One of the more intricate ways of advertsing on the web. It can be very rewarding however requires a lot of work which we will be glad to help with.

Social Media

Whether it be a custom page, a well thought out post or a seasonal promotion, online marketing via social media is a great way to approach customers.

Facebook Ads

On to the largest social media company in the world with over 1 Billion users, Facebook Ads can be very effective and well targeted.

Search Engine Optimisation

Here at Knysna Web in the beautiful Garden Route, we love us some SEO. This is the complex method of reaching the top of the organic search results.

Online Promotions

Seasonal promotions, bulk purchases, existing customer rewards and new client attractions are an ideal way to spread the word and engage.