Data Analysis and

Data Analytics

Utilising data from the web can be daunting but if the analysis is done correctly and action taken upon the findings, your return on investment will increase and so will your existing visitors return. Knysna Web loves to get stuck into some Analytics.  

Want to get the Most from Your Website?

The best way to attract more visitors to your website is by understanding why your existing customers came and why your potential customers left. Focusing on what is working, ditching what is not can be the difference analytics can make. There is no need to continue persevering with something that is proving to be ineffective, waiting patiently for a different outcome…I think that was Einstein’s definition of insanity. You need to adapt to the data that is being identified and act upon it. There are various levels one can dive into when looking at web analytics, from the basics of locations, times visited to understanding bounce rates and working hard to reduce them. Using effective analysis can assist in targeting the correct channels and increasing conversions, narrow down the problem areas and find unsuspecting winners. At Knysna Web we use various tools to analyse your data, Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Shopify Analytics, Point of Sale Data, the good old spread sheet and Python. Let us get stuck into your numbers.

Data Analytics will help increase your ROI.

Big data is here to stay, whether you live in Knysna, Plett, George or anywhere else. Maximise your return on investment and make the most of your marketing spend. Analysing your current visitors data and understanding who stays and where and why people leave will change your business.

We use tools such as Google Analytics and Python.

The software and tools available to analyse data are powerful. Using Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics and other programs help us identity potential opportunities and growth areas as well as locate problems. Knysna Web are not afraid to get out the good old spreadsheet either, we also utilize powerful python programming to help with your data analytics.