Take Your Business to the next level

With Cloud Services

Leverage the power of the cloud and its services to grow your business and get the best out of your employees and the most out of the internet. Connect all devices to be unstoppable. Keep your data safe in the cloud. Utilise the power of Office 365, Leverage Sharing and Team Work. 

Cloud Services to help grow your business in the Garden Route and beyond.

Microsofts Products

Office 365 for personal and for business is a poerful suite of tools. Utilising Outlook, Shared Calendars, Shared Files – Excel and Word – and Teams.

Google Products

Google has a fantastic offering which a great alternative to Office and best of all its free if you are not data hungry or want your own domain.

Online Storage

There are a few options we recommend you choose from, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox. All have free offerings to start with.

Accounting Products

Doing your own business books can be a tedious task and handing over is always a mission, make it easier for yourself and/or accountant.

How will Cloud Computing Help Me?

What is the cloud?

The infamous cloud, well in a few short words, its basically a computer in the sky. Perhaps better put a computer/server in a warehouse/data center. You can connect multilple computers to the information or software on this computer/server.

What is cloud storage?

Picture saving your images, files, folders in a remote location and being able to access them at anytime and from any device. Well, that pretty much sums up cloud storage. Many providers like OneDrive and Google Drive offer a decent free storage pan to begin with.

What is SAAS?

SAAS is the abrevaition for Software As A Service, it is software that does not need to be purchased as a once off. If can be used by a single or multiple users, does not require a disk but does require an ongoing subscription. It is beneficial to scale and lower upfront costs.

Will I benefit from the Cloud?

We at Knysna Web belive that the cloud is the future. You will no doubt benefit from cloud computing. You can get the most out of your employees, you can easily backup your data, you can easily share files and folders and always benefit from low upfront costs and always upto date software and backups.