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Branding Consulting

Branding including both your physical and online image are possibly one of the most important aspects to consider when marketing your business. Let Knysna Web help you find your brand.

Imagine an image that captures you and your brand!

Branding is not just about a pretty picture, there are many things to consider when coming up with your businesses image and personality. Branding is not just a once off effort, it needs to be an ongoing journey. In other words creating a brand and image is not a sprint, its a marathon. Building a brand is a combination of growing trust, delivering the same product consistently, having a business goal and vision, being true to your identity, understanding and listening to your audience and always delivering on your promises.

From choosing effective and relevant colours to considering your signage. Identifying your target market and understanding the demographic of your audience is a crucial element of branding. It is often not the quality of the product or service but rather the branding and marketing of the product that make a person choose it. It would be unusual to use bright colours and a playful logo if you are a law firm, unless you really wanted to, and it would be unusual to use dull colours with complex vectors if you are trying to appeal to children.

A simplistic and minimalistic design is often the right choice however there are cases where a detailed image may speak the 1000 words you need it to. Knysna Web would really enjoy sitting down with you and discussing either the rebranding of your businesses or branding of your new business. First impressions count, make sure you catch the attention of your potential customers.

What makes a brand great?


Focused Identity




Clear Vision